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For 30 years, Thiot Ingenierie has been working constantly to improve the laboratory launchers it designs for installation in research centers throughout the world.

We already unveiled our “new-generation” gas guns: enhanced reliability and safety, simpler to use, possible upgrade solutions and a more modern design are some of the major improvements.

At present, our single-stage gas guns are changing in terms of performance: they can now reach impact velocities of up to 1,400 m/s in all calibers between 22 and 80 mm and with a operating pressure lower than 400 bar, without compromising the integrity of the projectile. Until now, such velocities were only possible with powder guns. They can now be achieved using single-stage gas gun technology with no pyrotechnical constraints.

Our gas guns have therefore achieved the perfect balance between performance and ease of use, while remaining in line with our customers’ budgets, to ensure we match their needs even more closely.