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For more than 15 years, THIOT INGENIERIE has been involved in the modeling of dynamic phenomena and the study of structural design. Impact, perforation at very high velocity, crash, explosion… our expertise covers all types of shocks and accidental phenomena. We can predict the behavior of all kinds of materials and structures subjected to high strain rate shocks, and help you optimize their performance. Our team supports you at every stage of your development, from design to sizing, from production to certification.

Our approach: phenomenological analysis of the phenomenon to be simulated in order to select the most suitable tools, with, if necessary, the ability to couple different solvers and take into account fluid/structure (or multiphysics) interactions.

Our expertise is available to many sectors such as security and defense, space, aeronautics or civil engineering, but also research in nanostructured materials, cladding, or diamond production.

What makes us different?

The knowledge and experience gathered in our own impact and shock physics laboratory! We have been studying the behavior of materials and structures under dynamic state for over 10 years.

Thus, we model the behavior of your materials and calculate your structures under shock by implementing in our solvers the most reliable input data, resulting from our own experimental studies.

Thiot Ingenierie, provider of fast dynamics calculations

Behavior of materials


Perforation / Penetration

Accidental impacts

Combustion / Detonation

Do you also need impact testing or dynamic characterization services for your materials?


Shock Physics holds no secrets for our experts, engineers and researchers. They are able to meet your needs in a wide variety of fields of application and will provide you with support for all your projects, from start to finish.


Our strength lies in the ability of our experts to combine dynamic laboratory tests and numerical simulation to provide you with global, exhaustive and practical expertise.


Our laboratory is private and independent. We work for industries on sensitive topics. We therefore guarantee our clients the utmost confidentiality for all projects.

In us they trust