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At Thiot Ingenierie, a company of international excellence in Shock Physics, we don’t just stand out thanks to our level of expertise! We are also based in a special location at the heart of the Dordogne valley, in the north of the Lot area and very close to the Corrèze area. Pretty, varied landscapes, outdoor activities and a real cultural fabric make it a great place to live.

Our company’s success comes from advocating values such as respect, trust and tranquility. We strive to apply these values on a daily basis among our employees, to foster a pleasant, constructive working environment and welcome new employees in the best working conditions.

Team work IS the key to our success!

thiot ingenierie building
Béatrice, QSE Manager

“I found here a company that respects the human and allows everyone to flourish with serenity and a lot of autonomy, in unifying projects.”


The values that drive us

Our company is a leader in its field mainly because we strive to observe the following fundamental values:

RESPECT: all employees, regardless of professional rank, age or seniority, are integral to a team as soon as they arrive. They are respected and valued for their skills. We also respect various approaches to a single subject, as these differences set our company apart.

TRUST: recognizing expertise, valuing success and uniting teams around new projects. This is management via trust. This “trust in oneself/trust in others/trust in the company” brings us progress.

TRANQUILITY : our company is committed to enabling employees to work in the best conditions. Tranquility is also conveyed by our premises, arranged so that everyone can work in a pleasant space perfect for moments of both concentration and discussion.

Innovation as inspiration

Since its creation, our company has stood out thanks to our capacity to innovate. We are constantly improving the performance of our test means and developing new measurement equipment. We are able to design new equipment to meet our customers’ needs and we work with various research projects (aerospace, defense, etc.). The company provides the necessary resources by investing in skills, materials and research. This is because investment will ensure our longevity.

At Thiot Ingenierie, we encourage our teams to have trust so as to face challenges and gain experience.

“I joined the company after two years of engineering in the machine tool sector. My job is to design and simulate the products we sell. Every new project here is always more innovative than the previous one, and always offers new challenges.”


“Growing up in Brittany, I had taken lots of Celtic Harp lessons. I thought I’d have to stop this hobby when I joined Thiot Ingénierie. But I didn’t! Surprisingly, they also teach it here!”


A dynamic countryside!

Thiot Ingénierie is located in a beautiful setting:

Close to wonderful sites such as Rocamadour medieval village and the Ouysse valley, Padirac cave, and some of the prettiest villages in France: Autoire, Loubressac, Carennac, Collonges-la-Rouge, Curemonte, Turenne and so on.

Culture throughout the year: The Théâtre de l’Usine at Saint-Céré, cinemas, festivals and various events as well as many organizations (sport, music, arts, etc.).

Near to Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne airport for scheduled flights to Paris, Lyon, London, etc. as well as Corsica, Portugal and Greece during the holiday periods.

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