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Video: our single stage light gas gun laboratory TITAN

By 21 December 2021January 31st, 2022No Comments

Thiot Ingénierie invites you to discover the test facilities that make up our shock physics laboratory. In this first video : TITAN, a single stage laboratory gas gun. Historically, this gas gun has been used in our laboratory since its inception in 2008, and currently has over 2200 shots to its credit. TITAN can be mounted with calibers ranging from 60 mm to 350 mm in diameter, and is used to perform dynamic characterization of materials, and impact testing for the defence and aeronautics fields. For what purpose? To evaluate the behavior of structures under impact: hailstone, gelatin reproducing bird strike, tire debris, metal parts, etc.

All the useful information in the video below (English subtitles available):

need to carry out impact tests on your materials and structures?