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THIOT INGENIERIE launches its new 10 kg TNT eq. storage chamber : VULCAIN 10

By 16 March 2021July 29th, 2021No Comments

THIOT INGENIERIE launches its first 10 kg TNT eq. storage chamber: VULCAIN 10. The first unit was delivered on March 3rd. THIOT INGENIERIE is the first french manufacturer to position itself on the pyrotechnic storage chamber market.

Our explosives storage enclosures are designed to meet a wide range of needs: for pyrotechnic industries, fireworks manufacturers, military, police or gendarmerie needs, as well as for the mining and drilling sectors.

They are designed to guarantee a very high level of security during storage. In the event of an explosion, the containment mode allows the chamber to contain the shrapnel, ensuring restricted pyrotechnic zoning.

VULCAIN 10 Chamber

Technical information about the VULCAIN 10 chamber

    • A capacity up to 10 kg TNT eq.
    • Overall dimensions : Ø 1900 mm x 3000 mm
    • Total weight : 4,5 tons
    • Usefull loading volume : Ø 900 mm x 1900 mm
    • Rotating storage tray
    • Access door : W 500 mm x H 600 mm
    • Manual door opening and closing device
    • A secure closure: lock and contactor
    • Lifting rings for easy relocation of the chamber