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Exemples of acceleration profiles – Simulation of an embedded electronic device.

For two years, our laboratory has been using the acceleration generator CHRONOS to perform acceleration tests of up to 100,000 G. CHRONOS reproduces acceleration with a peak and pulse width that can be modulated according to our customers’ needs. The specific feature of CHRONOS is that the tested sample is softly recovered at the end of the test, and is therefore subject to no damage other than that caused by the acceleration.

There are many applications, both civil and military: CHRONOS can be used to test the strength of aircraft black boxes upon a crash or study the behavior of the embedded electronics of a missile when it strikes a concrete wall. All these applications require genuine expertise to decipher the phenomena at play during this kind of acceleration/deceleration. To do so, we use numerical simulation as an additional tool in the post-mortem analysis of the samples/systems tested. The acceleration profile measured during the test is used as input data, recovering the resulting displacements and deformations of inner system components as output. These simulations identify weak areas more rapidly and are an essential stage in the design loop of a new product.