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Impact tests on large structures

By 4 October 2017No Comments

THIOT INGENIERIE has acquired a large-scale firing range for its laboratory tests. With a volume of approximately 150 m3, encased in wood and accessible via a large door, this new firing range has been designed for much bulkier structures than before. It is particularly suited to aeronautical parts such as aircraft radomes, rotor blades and so on.

The chamber can be used with two of our gas guns, TITAN and THOR. It constitutes the perfect solution to all of our customers’ needs in terms of impact testing and certification that require testing, observation and analysis of the behaviour of materials subjected to deformation from high-velocity impacts. Thanks to its sheer magnitude, it can also host a comprehensive range of test equipment all around the target to be tested, including very high-speed cameras.

THIOT INGENIERIE performs tests that comply with aeronautical certification standards: CS-23, CS-25, CS-29, CS-P, CS-E, etc.