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Industrial accident or terrorist attack...

There are solutions

Security study


Risk Assessment

Simulation + Experiments

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Numerical simulation correlated

with real experiments

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Blast effects on civil engineering


Simulate Dynamics

Fast dynamics numerical simulation is often the best alternative to real scale testing. Sometimes it’s just not possible to physically assess vulnerability of structures. Then fast dynamics numerical simulation can be the best way to explore different designs and find out the best solution.

As an expert in shock physics, THIOT INGENIERIE is the ideal partner for explosion, blast effects or mechanical impacts simulations. Physical data obtained in our laboratory are implemented into fast dynamics numerical simulation software so we can deliver realistic results.

When simulation matches reality !

What can be done at a glance

What We Do For You

experimental numerical

Experimental vs Numerical

Combining physical experiments with numerical simulations allows time and money savings when performed at the beginning of the design process.

explosion in builsing simulation

Blast on structures

Our experience in blast effects allows us to realistically simulate an explosion inside a building and see the effects on the main structure and its environment.

fast perforation numericla simulation

Impacts & Perforations

We have long experience in ballistics studies and simulate impact and perforation phenomena on any material.