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Windshield resistance






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Hails impacts

From 10 mm to 50 mm

Up to 350 m/s

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Certification tests

for Aerospace suppliers

We Shock Stuff

In our 2 500 m² facilities, we perform impact tests and launch anything on everything. As long as it fits our 350 mm barrel, we will do our best to achieve your requirements within the shortest period of time.  From few m/s to 7 km/s – for aerospace, defence or civil engineering purposes – please come to us and we will set up a sur-mesure impact test campaign for you.

Tires on helicopter blades, hailstones against radomes, penetrators against military shieldings or 7 km/s micrometeoroid impacts, we have no limit. For certification or product development purposes, impact tests will help you set the quality of your product to a next level.

Thanks to our light structure, we can easily adapt our procedures to your requirements or change shots parameters during a tests campaign. Because our customers’ satisfaction comes first… always! Do you want to get a souvenir, we can record it with high-speed cameras.

We Are Impacts Makers !

Better, Faster, Stronger

What's Better?

Better means 1,5% of repeatibility and clean impacts. A team of experienced engineers and the best available instrumentation to provide you with precise and reliable data.

What's faster?

We have been designing and making gas and powder guns since 1988 and spend 10% of our turnover in R&D. So when we decided to create our own laboratory, we designed flexible and state-of-the-art gas guns, nothing less.

What's stronger?

We offer you 25 years of experience in shock physics, which is a very specific and particular science. Hence you can strengthen your products design or enhance your materials properties.

“We created our Shock Physics laboratory to adress a real need from aerospace and defense companies. By assessing materials reaction to shocks, we participate to the elaboration of 21st century materials”
Patrick THIOT, CEO and founder

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