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Dynamic loading

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Crash simulation

Dynamic compression & traction

Material Characterization

Dynamic Loading

Thanks to its capabilities we can claim having a unique dynamic press with unique features in Europe:

  • 200 T in 3 ms
  • Specimen up to 1 m3
  • Speed up to 25 m/s
  • Stroke 150 mm
  • Amazing repeatibility

Using this press is the only solution for reproducing extreme loadings on large samples and also to understand the dynamic behavior of heterogenous materials.

A Wide Range of Applications

For Dynamic Tensile Tests
Materials are highly sensitive to high strain-rate. Metals can be twice harder, composites twice more brittle, and what about concrete? Working with the real properties of your materials will help you to optimize your design solutions from the very beginning.
For Blast Simulation
Power, force or speed, all parameters can be set individually. Thanks to this flexibility we can create any loading profile, even those similar to explosions and blasts.
For Civil Engineering
Concrete characterization, vulnerability assessment or simulating a terrorist threat are some of the issues related to civil engineering for which our dynamic press can bring solutions.
“We created our Shock Physics laboratory to adress a real need from aerospace and defense companies. By assessing materials reaction to shocks, we participate to the elaboration of 21st century materials”
Patrick THIOT, CEO and founder