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Evaluate the risk

Today’s world brought a new need for industry, architects and engineers. Security and precise knowledge of risks and their consequences. For architects, directors of facilities placed in harsh industrial environments or global security agencies we perform vulnerability studies relative to explosions and detonations.

With a long experience of blasts and their effects, we can evaluate the consequences of explosive risks and design solutions for more protection.

Vulnerability assesment studies can include physical experimentation with real explosive, fast dynamics cameras and dynamic pressure sensors. When we know the precise effects of your explosive threats we can simulate their effects on large buildings, small facilities halls or in open fields.

We are THIOT INGENIERIE, We Make Places Safer !

Better, Safer, Stronger

What's Better?
We can characterize an energetic material and observe the specific shock waves it will create. Knowing exactly the pressure and speed propagation created, we can make realistic numerical simulation. Fluid structures interactions or open field explosions, we can help you to get better knowledge of a risk of explosion and its effects.
What's safer?
Are your employees safe from an industrial accident? Are civilians safe in a stadium or a building? For public places or harshes industrial environments, we help you design safer places from the beginning or shield an existing building.
What's stronger?
With our experience we will support you to design safer places with cost effective solutions. We will adapt all your existing facilities to advise you with simple and cost-effective solutions which still allows the total protection of the people arround.
“Dynamic material characterization is the key to reliable design of products subjected to impact or crash. Well suited configurations and fine instrumentation allows reliable numerical simulation for safe solutions”
Pierre HEREIL, R&D director