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Let’s Shock Together

Materials science is a transversal topic that must be considered at the very beginning of any development cycle. With better materials you will make transportation systems safer and more eco-friendly, armours more efficient and lighter, and buildings more resistant to threats.

We bring to the table our knowledge in shock physics while you bring your knowledge of your own field of activity and related issues. We have been collaborating with private companies and universities on several high level topics such as making diamonds from powder compacted at 50 GPa.

We currently work in collaboration with the European Space Agency on several topics such as bringing back rock samples from Mars to Earth, and the effects of micrometeorids / orbital debris impacts on satellites.

We are THIOT INGENIERIE, We Work to Understand Materials !

Together… Better and Safer Projects

Why Together?

Being together makes it easier to access public fundings. . And as we are a private laboratory, no worry about confidentiality because we have no obligation for publications or other communication about our partners’ projects.

Why Better?

Cutting-edge launchers + instrumentation, fast dynamics dedicated numerical simulation softwares and experimenced brains are the fundamentals of our philosophy.
Because we believe simulation without experimental data is worthless, we always combine real experiments with fine simulations. Moreover there is no sophisticated experiment you can understand without any simulation.

We try to understand what really happens during a shock so our partners can develop better solutions that work in the real world.

Why Safer?

We offer you 25 years of experience in shock physics, which is a very specific and particular science. This will make you earn time and money.

Gathering the people and the hardware for fine investigation in the same place is the safest way to get the results you are expecting.

When we start a R&D project, we always get to the end.

“Dynamic material characterization is the key to reliable design of products subjected to impact or crash. Well suited configurations and fine instrumentation allows reliable numerical simulation for safe solutions”
Pierre HEREIL, R&D director