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3 gas guns

2 detonation chambers

1 dynamic press

100% shock

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How would a building

resist to an explosion


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Material Characterization

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What Is Shock Physics?

Firstly investigated for military purposes, Shock Physics is the only science related to materials’ behavior at high strain rates.

Today, civil applications are various: making airplanes safer and lighter, military armours stronger and protect civilian populations from terrorist threats, shock physics finds applications everywhere mechanical shocks can happen.

We observe phenomenons with a nanosecond timescale and displacements of few micrometers. Our instrumentation allows us to look at the heart of materials. Why being so accurate? Because the response of a large structure is the result of these few little things that occur at the beginning.

Physical data are then implemented into commercial numerical simulation solvers so we can explore various solutions with reliable results.


We are THIOT INGENIERIE, We Will Shock You.

Our strength

25 years of Experience

Our engineers and scientists are experienced professionals who will always meet your expectations. They are used to solve shock physics problems in various fields of activity and will support you from A to Z.

Physical test + Numerical Simulations

Our strength comes from our capability to cross shock physics experiments and numerical simulations… for results that mean something!

100% private + confidentiality

We are 100% private, with no state or governmental ownership. Hence we work a lot for military industries on touchy topics, we comply with highest levels of confidentiality.

What We Do For You

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Material Characterization

Materials are highly sensitive to high strain-rate. Metals can be twice harder, or composites twice more brittle. Working with the real properties of your materials will help you to optimize your design solutions from the very beginning.


R&D collaboration

We offer flexible solutions to be your partner for R&D collaborative projects. Because long term research projects need strong engagement, we are keen to fully dedicate our ressources for your project.


Vulnerability assesment

Industrial environments can be more than dangerous. Our experience in fast dynamics numerical simulation softwares can help you enhance the security level of industrial sites and public buildings.