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We put physics into the code...

can you see the difference ?

From Virtual to Real

How do you think we make simulation match reality? We just let our numerical simulation team work hand in hand with the test laboratory engineers. This is the company’s philosophy for reliable results and happy customers.

Doing this way we make sure to perform the right physical experiment and set appropriate materials parameters into the codes. Then numerical simulation will tell you what happens in-between two frames of slow-motion videos.

Finally, you save time and gain reliability on your product development process

We are THIOT INGENIERIE, we are experts.

Three Good Reasons

We Are Unique
Come and visit the only private shock physics laboratory in Europe which makes fast dynamics numerical simulation match real experiments.
We Are Experts
Our engineers are experienced professionals with 25 years of experience in fast dynamics numerical simulation.
We Have No Limit
Fast dynamics numerical simulation is the perfect alternative when physical testing is not possible – for technical, time or money reasons.
“Dynamic material characterization is the key to reliable design of products subjected to impact or crash. Well suited configurations and fine instrumentation allows reliable numerical simulation for safe solutions”
Pierre HEREIL, R&D director