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Powder for more Power

The muzzle velocity that can be reached with a compressed gas guns is practically limited at 1100 m/s. This limitation is due to simple thermodynamics rules.

Two-Stage Light Gas Guns are pretty long, and in this case the limitation factor comes from the projectile which weight must be kept as low as possible for reaching the highest range of velocities.

The single stage powder guns make a compromise between all these parameters. They allow relatively heavy projectiles to be launched at muzzle velocities of 2 or 2.5 km/s within a short distance. Solid propellant is a pure concentrate of energy that is released within a few milliseconds behind the projectile.

Very often the limitation comes from pyrotechnical constraints as solid propellant must be stored and handled as per specific rules and regulations.

Benefits Of Our Powder Guns

25 Years of Experience

We provide state-of-the art laboratories who need the best equipment on the market. After 25 years of continuous innovation we are proud to provide most efficient and reliable machines to our customers.

Reliability + Safety

Our gas guns are robust machines which need a minimal maintenance operations.And for more sagety, all our machines comply with the European directive 97/23/CE


We can deliver complete systems with fully automated control on touch screen or simple mechanical triggers but one quality will remain, ease of use.

“In a 25-year time, we provided world class laboratories with the most precise and reliable gas guns. It is this experience that you can find in our in-house designed gas guns”
Patrick THIOT, CEO and founder