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Gas Guns

THIOT INGENIERIE gas guns are perfect for impacts experiments up to 1 100 m/s or certification tests. They are the result of 25 years continuous improvement and innovation.

Our latest range of gas guns is now available for calibers between 12 mm and 60 mm. Fitted with the latest version of our in-house high speed valve technology, gases are released in less than 3 ms.

Why Better?

Worldwide Experience + International Support

Dozens of our gas guns are running all over the world. Each of them is customized to meet the particular customers’ needs. They still work perfectly after 20 years of operations.


As one shot doesn’t equal another, our gas guns are designed with interchangeable barrels. We pay particular attention for our customers not to be limited in our products use.

Reliability + Safety

Our gas guns are robust machines that need a minimum of maintenance operations. And for more safety, all our machines comply with European directive 97/23/CE and are tested before delivery.

“In a 25-year time, we provided world class laboratories with the most precise and reliable gas guns. It is this experience that you can find in our in-house designed gas guns”
Patrick THIOT, CEO and founder