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Gas guns and Powder Guns

Being involved in shock physics and material behaviour under extreme conditions requires dedicated high-tech testing machines. From hopkinson bars to two-stage light gas gun stage light gas guns, we design and manufacture shock physics equipment like no others.

Investigated by all military research centers in the 60′s, shock physics now opens out into civil applications such as aircraft industry, civil engineering or metal forming.

We don’t only supply our customers with guns, accessories and the associated instrumentation, but also with some theoretical and practical training as well. Our in-house internal ballistics prediction code CESAR is always part of the supply and makes our customers save time during their test campaigns.

Repeatibility, Reliability and Innovation

  • 3% repeatibility between two shots at same conditions
  • In-house ballistics code CESAR for velocity prediction
  • High firing rate for global cost-reduction of your test campaigns

We are THIOT INGENIERIE, We Innovate Gas Guns.

We control the whole gas guns manufacturing process from first draft to delivery and training. Just a few consumables and spare parts are required thanks to our continuously improved design.

Innovation is at the heart of our thinking! As a result we created a new brand of gas guns available for calibers betwen 12 and 60 mm and velocities up to 1 100 m/s. It’s just a concentrate of 25 years of experience in this field.

Why Chose Us?

Cost saving

Our gas guns have a high firing rate as there is no maintenance operation nor consummable to be replaced between two shots. We provide state-of-the art laboratories who need the best equipment on the market.

25 Years Experience

After 25 years of continuous innovation we are proud to supply the most efficient gas guns, explosion chambers and autofrettage machines to our customers.

Reliability + Safety

Our gas guns are robust machines that need a minimum of maintenance operations. And for more safety, all our machines comply with European directive 97/23/CE and are tested before delivery.

Our Products


Gas guns

We design and manufacture gas guns with calibers up to 350 mm. They are ideal testing machines for material characterization in dynamic conditions and impact testing as well


Two Stage Light Gas Guns

Our technology is famous all over the world. Whatever the way they are actuated (solid propellant or gas), they will impress you by their user-friendliness, safety and repeatibility.


Powder Guns

Powder guns are just amazing as they look so simple and cost effective. And they are!


Hopkinson Bars

Hopkinson bars are perfect for studying materials in crash-like stresses. For car makers or for studying low dynamic strain-rates, our hopkinson bars can be equipped with hoven and fully-automated.