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High Pressure Pressure generators

Maintenance of high pressure pumps is the week point when working at 5 000 or 6 000 bars. Check-valves, pump bodies, fittings, and pipes very often fail because of fatigue and crack propagation.

THIOT INGENIERIE’s design makes our pressure generators not sensitive to fatigue. This is an advantage when operating above 10 000 bars with our autofrettage machines.

Actually our generators can reach 13 000 bars and are normally pressure tested at 15 000 bars.
Pipes, fittings, seals, and all mechanical parts of our high pressure generators are designed and manufactured by THIOT INGENIERIE.

Why we are high-pressure experts

Innovative design
Easy maintenance in between two autofrettage trials (made by hand, tooling not required)
No check-valve operating at high pressure
All fittings are tightened once for all hence less chance to get a leak during autofrettage process
Long lifecycle seals for less operating and maintenance costs
Safe and repeatable
Whole pressurization process controlled by supervison system
Automatic leak detection during operation

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