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Safer and lighter

ballistic and IED protection?


The Bullet And The Armour

Material characterization and terminal ballistic are mandatory when developing or up-grading new armament and shielding. THIOT INGENIERIE provides high-level materials characterization to ensure shrapnels non-perforation, shields and armours resistance to bullets and blasts…

Stanag level 5 impacts are commonly performed in our laboratory as well as perforation tests using long penetrators made of tungsten alloys. Blast effects are reproduced using our 200 tons shock press JUPITER.

Our philosophy: perform tests and carry out numerical simulations at the same time. Indeed, THIOT INGENIERIE is the ideal partner to run fast dynamics numerical simulations of explosions, blast effects or mechanical impacts.

Test results can be anticipated by numerical simulation, and numerical simulation is improved by test results and material characterization.

What does it look like?

armour ballistic test x ray

Example of armour penetration test photographed with flash X-ray

Why Chose Us ?

Our Experience

We collaborate with most prestigious world’s reasearch centers and private companies arround the world such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA), Centre d’Etudes de Gramat (France), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)… and many others.

Our Equipment

Equipped to cover a wide range of strain-rates, we are also capable to launch anything according to STANAG level 5 standards. Flash X-Ray, very high speed cameras, 1 Gs/sec acquisition or laser surface velocimeter, you won’t miss any detail.

Our Flexibility

Thanks to our light structure, we can easily adapt our procedures to your requirements or change shots parameters during a tests campaign. Because our customers’ satisfaction comes first… always!