Shock Physics for… ?

aerospace impact testing, certifacation tests, gas gun


We realize all kind of impact testings for development or certification of aerospace products. Tires debris, blade-off, bird strikes and much more are performed in a clean and completely dedicated laboratory by experienced professionals.

space applications of shock physics


In our laboratory we can reach speeds up to 7 km/s. We assess impacts of micrometeorites and space debris on satellites as well as material behavior at high level of dynamic stresses.

defense applications of shock physics


THIOT INGENIERIE performs armours testing and high performance materials (ceramics, high performance steels, composites…) dynamic characterization. Stanag level 5 impacts are commonly performed in our laboratory as well as perforation tests using long penetrators made of tungsten alloys.

blast in building

Civil Engineering

Our 200 tons shock press is a unique testing machine for concrete dynamic behavior characterization. Fast events such as detonation inside buildings are therefore commonly investigated thanks to our top level numerical simulation capabilities.