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3 gas guns

2 detonation chambers

1 dynamic press

100% private

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Impact testing facility

impact test laboratory
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200 tons of loading

in just 3 ms

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Shock From A to Z

THIOT INGENIERIE offers a 2 500 m² facility fully dedicated to shocks, blasts and their effects on our materials and structures.

With our gas guns, we will test or certificate your products in accordance with European or American standards. As long as a projectile fits our 350 mm barrel, we will launch it.

We  also have a unique dynamic press which can charge 200 T in 3 ms ! With its 1 m² capacity, it’s perfect for heterogeneous materials such as concrete, rocks, foams and much more. It can reproduce loading and stress produced during a blast or a crash with an amazing reproductibility and of course, all our measurement means can be adapated on it.

For certification or product development purposes, we will support you to set the quality of your product to  a next level.

We are THIOT INGENIERIE, We Shock Stuff !

Our Shock Laboratory

Why Chose Us?

Our Experience
Our technicians, engineers and searchers are experienced professionals dedicated to reach your quality requirements. With 25 years of experience in Shock Physics, we collaborated with most prestigious world’s reasearch centers such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Centre d’Etudes de Gramat, Moscow University and much more. We learnt from the best so we are proud to provide our customers with the highest level of services.
Our Equipment
We have been designing and making gas and powder guns since 1988 and  our machines are now running in 11 countries arround the world. So when we decided to create our own laboratory, we designed flexible and state-of-the-art gas guns capable to launch anything that can enters in a 350 mm diameter barrel. If you need it we will launch few grams up to 7 km/s or a dozens kg at 10 m/s. We are equipped with the best gas guns un Europe, nothing less.
Our Flexibility

Thanks to our light structure, we can easily adapt our procedures to your requirements or change shots parameters during a tests campaign. Because our customers’ satisfaction comes first… always!

What We Do For You

Impact testS

Impact tests

Our lab team will proceed to any kind of impact test from 10 m/s to 7 km/s. Do you want to get a souvenir, we can record it with a 200 Mio fps very high-speed camera. For aerospace, defense or global security applications, we perform dynamic material characterization and certification tests.

Dynamic press from THIOT INGENIERIE

Dynamic Loading

Our powerful dynamic press can charge 200 T in 3 ms. Ideal for dynamic tensile and compression tests, we can also set it to reproduce blast effects. Equiped with a wide range of dynamic load cells and laser velocimeters we determine dynamic properties for all materials.