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2 500 m² impact testing facility


impact test laboratory
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Industrial accident or terrorist attack...

We have solutions

Safety Study


Risk Assessment

Simulation + Experiments

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Can we return rock samples from Mars

and land without parachute?


We Will Shock You

Shocks and fast dynamics events are everywhere. For a better understanding of these events and their consequences on our environment, we provide impact tests and shock physics expertise in a unique 2 500 m ² facility.

With 25 years of experience in shocks, we support you in developing more resistant products, from dynamic material characterization to impact certification tests.

We contribute to enhance industrial security by supporting architects to design more blast resistant building and perform numerical simulation to help you find solutions for your existing infrastructures.

If you are involved in making planes safer, building military equipment stronger or want to understand how a satellite reacts to a 50 000 km/h impact, then we can work together.

We are the right dynamic and experienced partner for vulnerability studies, dynamic material characterization, impact tests campaigns or even fast dynamics numerical simulation.

We are THIOT INGENIERIE, We Will Shock You.

Why Chose Us?

Our Experience

We collaborated with most prestigious world’s reasearch centers and private companies arround the world such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Centre d’Etudes de Gramat, Moscow University and much more.

Our Equipment

Equipped to cover a wide range of strain-rates, we are also capable to launch anything that fits our 350 mm diameter barrel with 1,5% repeatibility. Flash X-Ray, very high speed cameras, 1 Gs/sec acquisition or laser surface velocimeter, you won’t miss any detail.

Our Flexibility

Thanks to our light structure, we can easily adapt our procedures to your requirements or change shots parameters during a tests campaign. Because our customers’ satisfaction comes first… always!

We Support You

shock physics experiment

Shock Physics Expertise

Vulnerability assessment or need to know more about materials resistance to shocks? Our experts perform shock physics studies, and characterize materials at high strain rates.

gas gun from our impact test laboratory

Test Laboratory

Our lab team will proceed to any kind of impact test from 10 m/s to 7 km/s. Do you want to get a souvenir, we can record it with a 200 Mio fps very high-speed camera.

blast on building numerical simulation

Numerical Simulation

Get benefit from our experience in fast dynamics numerical simulation: cladding, hazardous explosions, hypervelocity impacts or bird strikes… We have no limit.