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Two-Stage Light Gas Guns

Why such a technology is required for testing materials in fast dynamic conditions?
Just because these Two-Stage Light Gas Guns are able to reach velocities between 2 and 8.5 km/s. The ones we have been using in the past were heavy, tricky to use, and sometimes not really predictable.

THIOT INGENIERIE developed specific technologies during the last 25 years and is proud to supply the most famous military laboratories in the world (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CEG in France…).

Lately we decided to design small caliber Two-Stage Light Gas Guns that meet the latest requirements we got from space industry. Micrometeorites can be launched today up to 8.5 km/s.

We are now preparing the future and should be able to reach 11 or 12 km/s very shortly.

Why Better?

World Class Technology

We provided state-of-the art laboratories with our two-stage light gas guns. In fact, most prestigious research centers (such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CEA Gramat, Nanyang Technical University…) in Europe, North America and Asia are using THIOT INGENIERIE two-stage light gas guns.

Turnkey solution

We don’t only supply our customers with guns, accessories and the associated instrumentation, but also with some theoretical and practical training as well. Our in-house internal ballistics prediction code CESAR is always part of the supply and makes our customers save time during their test campaigns.

Reliability + Safety

Our gas guns are robust machines that need a minimum of maintenance operations. And for more safety, all our machines comply with European directive 97/23/CE and are tested before delivery.

“In a 25 year time, we provided world class laboratories with the most precise and reliable gas guns. It is this experience that you can find in our in-house designed gas guns”
Patrick THIOT, CEO and founder