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Hopkinson Bars, for crash studies

Hopkinson bars are the ideal investigation tools in materials behavior at high strain rate (from 500 to 10 000 s-1). They are intensively used in aeronautics, defense and automotive industries for crash purpose and are fully appropriate for the study of all kinds of materials (homogeneous, but also porous or multiphase).

We manufacture split Hopkinson bars for tensile and compression tests, with controlled temperature from -30°C up to 600 °C.

The control command system is designed in accordance with the way the Hopkinson bars are used. It can be a manual system, or a fully remote controlled command system that synchronizes the furnace robot and the firing trigger.

What Makes The Difference

Adjustable alignment devices
Our Hopkinson bars are supplied with adjustable alignment devices in order to enhance the quality of your tests year after year.
Mechanical or Automated control
Mechanical trigger for cost effective solutions, or automated touch screen control command system: we accommodate your real need
Signal monitoring software
Our Hopkinson bars are always supplied with an in-house signal monitoring software. Stress-strain curves are automatically displayed and this makes you focus only on your job: research !
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Patrick THIOT, CEO and founder