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What is Autofrettage?

Hydraulic Autofrettage is a process that is performed when life improvement of a pressure vessel is required, or when an operating pressure must be increased.

Commonly used in automotive industry with the fuel injection pipes, it’s also intensively used in defense industry to improve the mechanical behavior of medium and large caliber gun barrels.

THIOT INGENIERIE is widely well known as the leader in this technology, and has already manufactured several complete autofrettage machines for 155 x 52 caliber guns that are operated at 11 000 bar or more.

Advantages of THIOT INGENIERIE’s technology

Innovative design
The global system is designed as a complete machine. The barrel goes in and out without removing or disconnecting any part of the system. Up to 8 barrels can be easily processed during an 8 hours shift. Mandrel changing doesn’t take more than a few minutes thanks to the fast clamping system specifically designed for this purpose.
Mandrel is never disconnected from the high pressure tubing
All fittings are tightened once for all hence less chance to get a leak during autofrettage process
Long lifecycle seals for less operating and maintenance costs
Fluid is recovered, treated and then re-used.
Safe and repeatable
Whole process controlled by supervison system. Nothing to adjust manually in between two trials.