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Hell inside...

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Up to 500 kg eq. TNT !


Explosion Containment

Containment chambers supplied by THIOT INGENIERIE usually are designed to meet specific client’s requirements (multi-shot or single-shot application, gas explosion or detonation, sealed or semi-open, etc).

Whatever the quantity of explosive or the amount of energy to be absorbed, the long experience of THIOT INGENIERIE in shock physics and detonics will give us the know-how to provide you with the right and appropriate solution.

Calculation codes used to design these explosion containment chambers are duly calibrated at THIOT INGENIERIE’s laboratory through material shock physics characterization. We anticipate what will be happening during the explosion.

Our experience covers a wide range of explosive amount, from a few grams to 500 Kg of TNT or so, and we put our knowledge in shock physics in our protection systems for total safety. Blast, fragments, and also chemicals and bio hazards will remain confined in a sealed environment.

Strong and efficient

  • From few grams to several kg ep TNT
  • Acknowledged by reknown companies
  • 100% gas-tight guarantee

THIOT INGENIERIE, when safety matters !

Why Chose Us?

For science or industry

We can deliver complete systems with fully automated control, gas filtration or dedicated instrumentation.

Acknowledged by reknown companies

We provide state-of-the art laboratories who need the best equipment on the market. And as explosive applications can be sensitive topics, we ensure complete discretion on our customers’ names.

100% gas-tight guarantee

Our containment solutions are proofed to be completely safe and gas-tight. From design to fabrication, we put all our knowldge to commit on highest level of quality.

Our Products

explosion containment chamber

Detonation Chamber

Our closed detonation chambers are designed for few grams of explosive but also for several Kg equiv. TNT. All depends on the purpose of the chamber: research or serial production.

firing range chamber

Firing Range Chamber

Some chambers may be installed at the muzzle of laboratory guns. In this case they are designed to withstand and confine the blast coming from the gun itself, and the fragments generated by the impact as well.