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Two stage powder gun

8,5 km/s

on Plutonium


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Explosion chambers

When safety matters

We Are Machines Makers

Our machines are now present in 11 different countries in most prestigious research centers and universities such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA), Centre d’Etudes de Gramat (France), Moscow University (Russia) or Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

One common point to all these machines, an impressive reliability prooved for 25 years. We ensure worldwide technical support.

Generate, Contain and Master Shocks and Pressure

We have made gas and powder guns reaching 8,5 km/s, explosion and detonation chambers designed for up to several kilos of TNT but also autofrettage machines working at 13 000 Bar (yes, 13 tons/cm²!)

From first draft to delivery, we control the whole process and ensure worldwide support from spare parts to total maintenance.

  • Light-gas guns
  • Hopkinson bars
  • Detonation chambers
  • Very High Pressure machines (up to 13 000 bars)

We are THIOT INGENIERIE, We Are Shock Makers.

Why Chose Us?

25 Years Experience

We provide state-of-the art laboratories who need the best equipment on the market. After 25 years of continuous innovation we are proud to provide the most efficient gas guns, explosion chambers and autofrettage machines to our customers.

Reliability + Safety

Our gas guns are robust machines that need a minimum of maintenance operations. And for more safety, all our machines comply with European directive 97/23/CE and are tested before delivery.


We deliver complete machines with either touch screen control systems or simple mechanical triggers. Moreover our design allows minimum maintenance and consumables compared to our competitor’s.

Our Products



All our range of gas guns benefit from 25 years of developments and improvements. High reliability, precision, low maintenance and worldwide support are few of our gas guns’ assets which convinced our prestigious customers all arround the world.

Example of THIOT INGENIERIE containment chamber RAMAC

Explosion Containment

Explosion chambers for scientific experiences or industrial production all meet at a crucial point: safety! This is why all our explosion chambers are duly calibrated in-house and can be equipped with fully automated gas treatment station.


Very High-Pressure

We design and build very high pressure generators which can work up to 15 000 bar. In-house developed seals and specific “zero-maintenance” design make our pressure generators not sensitive to fatigue and incredibly reliable.