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Two stage powder gun

8,5 km/s

on Plutonium


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Explosion chambers

When safety matters

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We Are Machines Makers

For 25 years now whe have been designing and manufacturing top-class laboratory lauchers, explosion containment chambers and autofrettage stations.

Our equipment is now present in 11 different countries in most prestigious research centers and universities such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA), Centre d’Etudes de Gramat (France), Moscow University (Russia) or Nanyang University (Singapore).

One common point to all these machines, an impressive reliability, total international support ensured by us (those who designed) even under extreme sollicitations.

Generate, Contain and Master Shocks

We have made powder guns reaching 8,5 km/s, explosion chambers resisting to several kilos of TNT but also autofrettage machines working at 15 000 Bar (yes, 15 tons/cm²!)

From first draw to delivery, we control the whole process and will ensure total support with spare parts for years.

Some would say we have oil running through our veins, we prefer saying we are passionate (could be obsessed) by making the best machine for your need.


Why Chose Us?

25 Years Experience
Our technicians, engineers and searchers are experienced professionals dedicated to reach your quality requirements. With 25 years of experience in Shock Physics, we collaborated with most prestigious world’s reasearch centers such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Centre d’Etudes de Gramat, Moscow University and much more. We learnt from the best so we are proud to provide today, the highest level of services to our clients.
Reliability + Safety
In our laboratory, we are equipped with everything needed to study physical phenomenons during shock. Gas guns, dynamic press or detonation chamber to create the shock + high-speed cameras, X-ray flash and 1 Msample/s acquisition station.
Certification tests are always subject to tight shedules. And as you can’t know the results of your tests  before its end, we make our best to fit your needs and adapt along the campaign progress. Our team is quick to react, and will adapt ot your needs if any change is to occur during a project.

Our Products