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2 500 m² impact testing facility


impact test laboratory
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Industrial accident or terrorist attack...

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Can we return rock samples from Mars

and land without parachute?


Shock from A to Z

Equipped with state-of-the-art lab equipment, THIOT INGENIERIE provides complete shock physics studies in its 2 500 m² facilities.

With 25 years of experience in this feld of physics we can study the resistance of a building to blast or determine how to build better composite aerospace parts from the design phase.


Why Chose Us?

Our Experience
Our technicians, engineers and searchers are experienced professionals dedicated to reach your quality requirements. With 25 years of experience in Shock Physics, we collaborated with most prestigious world’s reasearch centers such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Centre d’Etudes de Gramat, Moscow University and much more. We learnt from the best so we are proud to provide today, the highest level of services to our clients.
Our Equipment
In our laboratory, we are equipped with everything needed to study physical phenomenons during shock. Gas guns, dynamic press or detonation chamber to create the shock + high-speed cameras, X-ray flash and 1 Msample/s acquisition station.
Our Flexibility
Certification tests are always subject to tight shedules. And as you can’t know the results of your tests  before its end, we make our best to fit your needs and adapt along the campaign progress. Our team is quick to react, and will adapt ot your needs if any change is to occur during a project.

What We Do For You

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Material Characterization

We support our customers and help them understand what happen their product or structure during a shock or explosion. Equipped with laser interferometry, 40 ns Flash X-Rays and much more. No detail will ever slip through your net. See what dynamic characterization of your material can bring more value to your pruducts.


R&D collaboration

Our lab team will proceed to any kind of impact test from 10 m/s to 7 km/s with a reapeatibility of +/- 1,5% and if you want a souvenir, we can record it with a 200 Mio fps very high-speed camera. Ask us how we reproduce the loss of turbofan blade on a plane structure or a terrorist attack against a 700 Bar composite tank.


Vulnerability assesment

As we cannot explose a building everytime we have to conduct a global security study, our numerical simulation team and lab team work hand in hand to deliver the highest level of reliability in our numerical simulation results. Come and see how we reproduce blast, hypervelocity imapacts or bird strikes on virtual but faithful structures.