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Our experts at THIOT INGENIERIE develop and supply single-stage and two-stage light-gas guns, powder guns, Split-Hopkinson bars, acceleration generators and detonation chambers for research centers and manufacturers all over the world. Through our unique expertise and nearly 30 years of experience, the company has become a world leader in equipment for studying the behavior of materials in fast dynamics conditions.

THIOT INGENIERIE also boasts the first private Shock Physics laboratory, with cutting-edge test equipment and metrology solutions. The company is the preferred partner of players in the defence and security, aeronautics, aerospace and research sectors for the characterization of materials and high-velocity impact testing, which we combine with our unique know-how in numerical calculation. Our expertise in shock physics is the result of these both components that are essential for a good understanding of fast dynamics phenomena.

Our aim is to study the behavior of materials and structures under shock stress (crashes, ballistic impacts, blasts, etc.) in the minutest detail to enable our customers to develop the most reliable products capable of handling the threats they face. Experts, researchers and engineers remain at your service to advise and support you in the development and optimization of your products.


Our company employs around thirty world-leading experts (designers, technicians, engineers and scientists). Our excellent knowledge of our clients' spheres of activity allows us to respond to each of their requests with an effective and tailor-made solution.


Our company has now been designing shock physics test equipment for our clients in the military, aeronautics, aerospace and research sectors for nearly 30 years. We are currently world leader in the field of impact testing, ballistic testing and fast dynamics.


As well as manufacturing launchers, we also have our own test laboratory and so have hands-on experience of the situations that you experience. We are always on the lookout for technical development opportunities and constantly innovate to provide you with the best-performing test equipment on the market.


Our laboratory is private and independent. We work for industries on sensitive topics. We therefore guarantee our clients the utmost confidentiality for all projects.


Our strength lies in the ability of our experts to combine dynamic laboratory tests and numerical simulation to provide you with global, exhaustive and practical expertise.

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