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Industrial accident or terrorist attack...

There are solutions

Security study


Risk Assessment

Simulation + Experiments

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Blast effects on civil engineering

Make The World a Safer Place

Terrorism, blast, or crash of an aircraft on buildings: these are some of the topics for which THIOT INGENIERIE is the right investigation partner to work with.

Concrete materials display non expected behaviors in dynamic conditions and real tests will definitely provide the scientists with pertinent parameters to be implemented in the calculation codes. This is the main purpose of our 200 tons shock press JUPITER.

Blast numerical simulation is pretty tricky as the available calculation codes are not really efficient when calculating incident pressures on long ranges. Our capabilities to calibrate software as well as gases and materials parameters make our team the best choice to evaluate risk and safety all around a possible and hazardous explosion.

What It Looks Like

Why Chose Us?

Our Experience

We collaborated with most prestigious world’s reasearch centers and private companies arround the world such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Centre d’Etudes de Gramat, Moscow University and much more.

Our Equipment

Our shock press JUPITER is unique in Europe.

Our Flexibility

Thanks to our light structure, we can easily adapt our procedures to your requirements or change shots parameters during a tests campaign. Because our customers’ satisfaction comes first… always!